microNOVA CubeSat Simulator + 2x Orbit Pass


microNOVA CubeSat Simulator

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microNOVA will give you a close approximation of real CubeSat flight hardware, in a 1U form factor (10x10x10 cm). This hardware kit provides excellent capabilities for any CubeSat mission early prototyping and for IoT and embedded development.

It will be software-compatible with the real space satellites: ESA OPS-SAT mission and our future NOVA mission, so our customers will be able to deploy code developed on microNOVA into orbit as well.


  • Primary OBC: Raspberry Pi v3
  • Peripherals Controller Board: Arduino Uno
  • Inertial Measurement Unit: MPU-9250 (9-axis accelerometer+gyroscope+magnetic)
  • GPS module: GT-U7
  • Camera module: OV5647 (RPi-compatible)
  • Software-Defined Radio Board: R820T2-based
  • Will include all necessary software to work out of the box!

With every microNOVA purchased you get a pass to upload and run your software for 2 orbits on our future NOVA space satellite!

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