microNOVA CubeSat Simulator


microNOVA CubeSat Simulator

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microNOVA will give you a close approximation of real CubeSat flight hardware, in a 1U form factor (10x10x10 cm). This hardware kit provides excellent capabilities for any CubeSat mission early prototyping and for IoT and embedded development.

It will be software-compatible with both the ESA OPS-SAT mission and our future NOVA mission, so our supporters will be in sync with our own progress all the way to orbital operations.

Don’t worry if you won’t get it during the first run – we plan to make more available for sale later!



  • Primary OBC: Raspberry Pi v3
  • Peripherals Controller Board: Arduino Uno
  • Inertial Measurement Unit: MPU-9250 (9-axis accelerometer+gyroscope+magnetic)
  • GPS module: GT-U7
  • Camera module: OV5647 (RPi-compatible)
  • Software-Defined Radio Board: R820T2-based
  • Will include all necessary software to work out of the box!

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